Hi, I’m Matt and Gatcombe Analytics is my business. I'm here to solve your spreadsheet headaches and help you unlock your vision for your business, ensuring you make the right decisions to succeed and grow. I’ve been an analyst and modeller in blue-chip companies for nearly 20 years, revelling in those jobs that everyone else loves to hate, and now I’m hoping to make these high-end skills available to small businesses, for whom they are often out of reach due to high fees.

The aim of this page is to give a little insight into how GA can help your business. In a nutshell, we’ll fix your spreadsheets and make new ones that calculate pretty much anything you need. There’s plenty more than shown here - but let’s be honest, unless you’re us, you probably don’t want to read about spreadsheets all day!

Business Cases & Plans

Business plans give your business direction and tell potential investors how you’ll meet your goals. Business cases are used to justify a particular piece of work or other investment and will include things like a cost/benefit analysis, and investment appraisal to show why one option is considered better than another.

Our analysis has been used on some of the biggest ventures going, on bids requiring in excess of £20 billion of investment. We've worked in business banking, and know how investment opportunities are judged so we know what you need to include and how to present it.

Financial Modelling

This is about creating a picture of how your business will likely perform based on a series of assumptions. The role of the modeller is to find these key drivers, understand the relationships, behaviours and alternative outcomes of each, in order to create projected financial statements or other results, that vary as each input varies. This allows the User to investigate how sensitive the business is to inaccurate assumptions or unexpected business performance, and ensure sufficient focus is given to these areas.

Our models have been used across many sectors including Banking, Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear, Energy, Logistics and Security, covering areas such as setting prices, choosing business strategies, justifying investments, cleaning and correcting data for reporting to regulators, and managing stock orders / invoicing. If it's possible in a spreadsheet then we can do it, efficiently and effectively.

Spreadsheet Risk

Who checks your calculations? Who does that important double-check to make sure there are no errors in your files? You wouldn’t publish a key document without proof-reading it, yet often key decisions are based on complex files that are simply trusted to be correct without detailed review and challenge. Research suggests that as many as 90% of all spreadsheets contain errors and that the best defence is peer review by an experienced reviewer.

With our own bespoke auditing toolkit we'll go through your file quickly and accurately then tell you everything we find that's wrong with it. If we don't find an error, you don't pay

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